2013 Award

Unfortunately it was not possible to grant the Chadwell Award in 2013, as the preferred candidates were unable to take up the offer owing to personal circumstances. The Chadwell Award continued to support the recipient of the previous year’s award, Maaike Stevens.

Shortlist 2013

Simon Buckley – Glasgow School of ARt

SB-A-Sickness-Unto-Death SB-Bok-Ba SB-Perfection
A Sickness Unto Death 11 x 15 cm  Graphite on paper Bok Ba 90 x 57cm Graphite on paper To Despair before God is a Human Being’s Greatest Perfection 10 x 7 x1cm Installation with real peice of pizza

Gabriel Leung – Glasgow School of Art

GB-Victory GB-How GB-Landscape
Victory to the Goddess of Victory 76 x 51cm Oil on Linen How to Paint Clouds 51 x 51cm Oil and pencil on linen A recurring Landscape 51 x 51cm Oil and acrylic on linen


KN-Arrival KN-Granite-Resonance KN-Relic
The Arrival 83 x 83 cm varnish, ink, acrylic and holographic gel Granite Resonance 83 x 83cm Varnish, gloss, ink and acrylic Relic of Origins: Wild Boar 20 x 30 x 15 Boar skull and ink

Hardeep Pandhal – Glasgow School of ARt

HP-Crossing-the-line HP-Untitled HP-The-bottle
 Crossing the Line 26 x 35 cm Drawing Untitled 21 x 28cm Drawing (The Bottle) 28 x 37cm Drawing

Jonathan richards – The School of art at edinburgh college of art

JR-Compressed-Rectangle-2 JR-mass-3 JR-Two-squares
Compressed Rectangle No 2 80 x 25 x 25cm Skins of acrylic paint Mass No 3 120 x 100 40 cm Skin of acryic paint attached directly to the wall Two Squares 1:4 160 x 80 x 40cm skin of paint