2015 Award

Shortlist and Winner 2015

Winner: Jacob Farrell – The Slade School of Art

 jf-hyna jf-catfinish1 jf-portal
 Hypnagogic Drawing 4 70 x 100cm Graphite  Catacomb Murals Variable dimensions Ink and graphite  Portal Variable dimensions Steel, blown vacuumform, earth pigment, gum arabic, french polish

Zehra Arslan – Royal College of Art

 za-untitled za-three za-lose
Untitled (Wit) 50 x 40cm Painting Three Colours Blue 240 x 150cm Painting To lose the Ground beneath One’s feet 12 x 12m Site specific

James Metsoja – Royal College of Art

jm-rug jm-table jm-floor
Hobbema Rug 25 x 30cm Oil and found materials on canvas Breakfast Table 40 x 32cm Acrylic and material on canvas Gallery Floor 42 x 45cm media

Sophie Mackfall – Royal College of Art

sm-taking sm-title sm-pause
 Taking one or two steps forward, one two threee back – or to the side Variable dimensions Wicker string and gouache on paper No title Each panel 29 x 40cm oil on glass Pause, Poise 45 x 30cm Gouache on wicker and gum strip

Laurence Owen – Royal Academy

 lo-dance lo-2 lo-dance
Ritual 225 x360cm Oil on canvas SGOCBI 210 x 190cm Oil on linen The Cataplexy Dance 210 x 190cm Oil on canvas

Zsofia Schweger – Slade School of Fine Art

zs-1 zs-5 zs-8
Sandorfalva, Hungary #1 122 x 152cm Oil on canvas Sandorfalva, Hungary #5 160 x 180cm Oil on canvas  Sandorfalva, Hungary #8 25 x 31cm acrylic on canvas

Joel Wyllie – Royal Academy

jw-virus jw-binary jw-last
Virus 193 x 362cm Acrylic and pencil on board  Binary 240 x 306cm Chalk pastel and oil paint on calico Last person 270 x 290cm Chalk pastel and oil paint on calico